DDoS Protection

What is a DDoS attack?

Stands for distributed denial-of-service which is a process where the only goal is overloading the targeted services network, hoping the targets network is incapable of handling the load. That is not the situation when ordering from us as we are protected by OVH & Hetzners massive network infrastructure.

Automated Recognition

In addition to recognizing an attack based on the amount of traffic or the number of packets, we will the ability to clearly define the actual attack and then specifically react to that particular type of attack. For example, a UDP flood with 500k pps is harmless for a server. A 500k SYN packet, however, could pose a problem. Our DDoS protection tools can detect precisely this type of difference.

Protection & Security

We offer tailored DDoS protection tools that are built to help you filter out illegitimate traffic from your private server. This anti-DDoS infrastructure is attached to each server’s input/output ports so even the most robust attack can be identified and mitigated without any effect on your gaming experience.

Dynamic Filtering

In this layer, we filter out attacks in the form of SYN floods, DNS floods, and invalid packets. We are also able to flexibly adapt to other unique attacks and to reliably mitigate them. The technologies offered by OVH and Hetzner support a high level of automation, which in turn will continue to be optimized step by step. We can improve the system by analyzing each attack and constantly adjusting our filters and responses.

Safety Ensured

Rest assured your servers will never experience downtime when hosted at us but let’s not get too sure as we have seen the DDoS business is growing rapidly and attacks up to 1.35Tbs have just been spotted. OVH & Hetzner ensures our servers safety with the highest available technology in the Anti-DDoS game. If you would like to learn specific details about how our locations handles a DDoS attack, then we encourage you to head over to their site and learn more.