Who We Are


Our Vision

UniqueHosting was established to serve on driving vision: to create high-quality multiplayer experiences for dedicated gamers of all types.

As lifelong gaming enthusiasts, we’re intimately familiar with the constant annoyances of public servers. From ridiculously high ping rates, to cookie-cutter maps and toxic users.

We want to put the control back where it belongs, in your hands. Our best-in-class server infrastructure provides: high speeds, low latency, plentiful bandwidth, and a variety of competitively priced readymade gaming servers.

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Our Story

UniqueHosting brings together a talented team of web developers, programming experts, and marketing specialists. This multi-functional team is led by a two Danish entrepreneurs with a passion for gaming and a proven track record of building, implementing, and managing complex IT infrastructures at the enterprise-level.

UniqueHosting initially launched in 2013, and quickly became one of the most popular server hosting providers for minecraft. By 2014, UniqueHosting had amassed a loyal client base of 500 users. The following year, multiple industry publications recognized UniqueHosting’s commitment to high-performance gaming, by naming UniqueHosting the Number #1-rated Minecraft Host in the world.

After a multi-year hiatus and a top to bottom infrastructure redesign, UniqueHosting is now back and better than ever. Our industry- standard servers are configured and optimized for optimal gaming performance, while our network has been built out to offer low latency and seamless gameplay for users in every international location.

About Us

Something Nice

Staying Comitted

We recognize that most hosting providers offer less than ideal performance at exorbitant rates. At UniqueHosting we offer tailor-made online gaming environments that are powered by some of the best hardware in the industry. Our Intel i7 processors are coupled with SSD storage, to provide the best experience.


We’re committed to keeping our services affordable for gamers at every scale. Whether you’re hosting a large clan or a small gaming community, we provide you with cost-effective options that can match up to your expectations.

Security & Protection

Our servers are battle-hardened with free DDoS protection and robust firewalls. We also employ data security best practices in the form of SSL encryption, md5 password encryption and two-factor authentication. So you can be assured that your information and access remains safe.

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on the strength of customer support. Our dedicated team works to ensure you won’t have to put up with downtime or unexpected technical issues at any time. We’re accessible mostly through Discord and live chat, but also through most social media platforms.

Social Media

You can find us on most social media platforms. Through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we share exclusive deals for everyone. Guides and useful tips are also commonly posted through all platforms to help customers improve their servers.

Why Pterodactyl?

We use a customized version of the open-source control panel, Pterodactyl. It's widely used by large server providers, and has proven to be extremely user-friendly. Our custom features such as Mod Manager, Backup Manager and FastDL Sync gives the end-user an overall easy way of handling their servers.